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ProSensse® Gold

The most advanced and safest laser containing
four laser technologies simultaneously

All this in one laser ray

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100% Safe

Our laser technology is 100% safe. There is no evidence to suggest that 4D causes e.g. skin cancer or other harmful effect on human body.

All skin types

4D represents very fast, unique and best combination at the same time for all six skin types based on the comparisons of individual technologies.


Special head system allows hair removal process to be performed without any discomfort, pain, burns or blackheads, even in the summer time.

Reduction up to 96%

As a result of 4 different technologies, it simultaneously achieves up to 96% reduction, while the remaining 4% are softer and grow slower.


Laser Hair Removal

All necessary information, procedure and preparation. Your gentle and painless way to permanently smooth skin.