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Hairless timeline


How it all started

Salon hairless

September 2016 - the salon opens its doors. It brings a special approach and first-class quality to Slovakia. It is the only one in Slovakia that specializes only in hair removal. "I have always been fascinated by the human body and its beauty. I knew I wanted to work in this field." - Najat, founder

Unique technology

The only one in Slovakia

Hairless hair removal specialist in Bratislava is the only one in Slovakia that offers a unique hair removal technology that is truly painless and suitable for all hair and skin colors. The beautiful presenter Didiana from Funradio became the ambassador of the project.

Laser studio

The largest in Slovakia

Hairless represents a new brand identity and a salon in the center of Bratislava, which is the largest laser studio in Slovakia in terms of size and number of devices.

New location

Slnečnice Ružinov

With increasing demand for our services, Hairless is opening the doors of a second location in Bratislava. A new salon in the modern Slnečnice - Petržalka complex near the Austrian border, which is especially appreciated by foreign clients.

Unique technology


Unique technology of its kind not only in Slovakia. Hairless presents the most advanced and safest ProSensse® Gold 4D laser containing up to four laser technologies simultaneously in one head.

Hairless today

Brand relevance


Our history reveals a vision of continuous development. It defines the transformation of the brand from a small salon to a leader in hair removal. We work with high-quality, custom-made equipment, thanks to which we provide the best service at an affordable price. Since its inception, Hairless has made an impact in the beauty industry and beyond. Over the years, the company has built a solid foundation for its development and continues its development to continue to strengthen its influence in the market. A brand with a strong and clear DNA.